Mini tripods


The mini tripod is a small (about 2.0 m wide) instrumented tripod that can be deployed by hand in the intertidal area on a beach. Instruments include a pressure sensor, one or more optical backscatter sensors (OBS), and an electromagnetic flow meter (EMF).

The instruments are connected to a PVC container. The central element in this container is a CR10 data logger, which measures the signals from the instruments and controls their power supply. The data logger has very low power consumption and can easily be programmed by means of any external MS-DOS compatible PC using Campbell Scientific PC208 support software.

The data is stored on a Campbell Scientific SM716 solid state storage module. The format of the data is [inline:Campbell – Final Storage Format.pdf]. Various circuit boards take care of the communication between the instruments, the data logger and the storage module. A battery pack inside the container provides the power supply for the data logger and the instruments. The capacity of the battery pack is enough for 20 days of continuous measurements.

All the electronic components are mounted inside a rigid cubical frame inside the container. This minimizes vibrations and the risk of components shaking loose; the tripods can be subjected to vigorous forces!

The mini tripod is stabilized by 10 kg of lead on each leg and an anchor to prevent drift during storms.


Calibration parameters are provided by the laboratory for physical geography. The calibration of the EMF and pressure sensor is a relatively simple procedure and is done with the time series analysis tool Hardhat.


The Coastal Research group provides beach and river process monitoring services. We do beach monitoring projects for local and national authorities. Academic research monitoring is done at low costs. Please contact the laboratory for physical geography for rates.

We manufacture and sell our mini tripods with high quality instrumentation for various markets. Please contact the laboratory for physical geography for prices.



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