Graduation talk by Isaac Williams

Tomorrow morning (Friday 26 September 2014) Isaac Williams will present the results of his MSc Research on the Alongshore variability of swash on a low sloping barred beach. Swash is the uprush and backwash of wave motion on the beach and is a critical part of the hydrodynamics to determine whether a beach accretes or erodes. Accordingly, many parameterizations have been proposed to link swash motions to environmental parameters, such as beach slope and offshore wave height. Using video imagery from Egmond, Isaac has explored alongshore variability in swash characteristics during a low- and high-energy wave event and related the observed variability to factors such as beach slope and the amount of wave dissipation seaward of the swash zone. Please come and join his MSc presentation tomorrow at 09:15 in room Zonneveld 027!