Graduation talk by Florine Gongriep

On the 5th of November Florine Gongriep will present the results of her MSc. thesis. The presentation will be in room 027 and starts at 15:00. For her master thesis she used field observations of dune erosion to validate the XBeach model. Her abstract is shown below.

The dunes form the primary protection against the sea in the Netherlands, but they can only withstand the sea during storms when they are high and wide enough. It is therefore of vital importance for the Dutch population that the safety of the dunes is assessed regularly. The process-based model Xbeach has shown potential to predict dune erosion under an extensive amount of controlled laboratory experiments. However, only few validations have been performed based on field data. Therefore we performed a hydrodynamic and morphodynamic validation, based on a field data set that was obtained near Egmond aan Zee. Furthermore we tried to explain the observed and predicted alongshore variation in dune erosion.