Graduation Talks Friday

On Friday the 16th of January two master students, Laura and Reinier will present the results of their MSc. research project. The presentation session starts at 13.30 in room 027. The program is shown below.

13:30 – 14:00 Laura Taal: Vertical suspended sediment concentration profiles in the Surfzone in Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands

14:00 – 14:30 Reinier Schrijvershof: Bedform morphology under combined wave-current conditions in a nearshore environment

Click on this post to view their abstracts.


Graduation talk by Pam Hage

Tuesday morning (14 oktober 2014) Pam Hage will present the results of her MSc Research. The title of her presentation is: Video monitoring of meso-scale aeolian activity on a narrow beach. Please come and join her MSc presentation Tuesday at 10:00 in room Zonneveld 027. Click on this post to read her abstract.

Graduation talk by Isaac Williams

Tomorrow morning (Friday 26 September 2014) Isaac Williams will present the results of his MSc Research on the Alongshore variability of swash on a low sloping barred beach. Swash is the uprush and backwash of wave motion on the beach and is a critical part of the hydrodynamics to determine whether a beach accretes or erodes. Accordingly, many parameterizations have been proposed to link swash motions to environmental parameters, such as beach slope and offshore wave height. Using video imagery from Egmond, Isaac has explored alongshore variability in swash characteristics during a low- and high-energy wave event and related the observed variability to factors such as beach slope and the amount of wave dissipation seaward of the swash zone. Please come and join his MSc presentation tomorrow at 09:15 in room Zonneveld 027!


Field campaign Sand Motor 2014

From 15 september until the end of October, the Coastal Research Group of Utrecht University is participating in the MegaPEX2014 field campaign at the Sand Motor. The Sand Motor is a mega-nourishment constructed in 2011 in an attempt to find more sustainable ways to maintain the Dutch coastline in the future. During the MegaPEX2014 campaign, an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers will be collecting data on hydrodynamics, morphodynamics, hydrology, aeolian processes and ecology. In the course of the coming six weeks the researchers will maintain a blog. On which they will provide insight into their field activities and will tell you how their research contributes to a better understanding of our dynamic coastal area. Their blog posts can also be followed on our Facebook page. 


Sand transport under broken waves

The surfzone is characterized by breaking waves and bores, which inject large amounts of turbulence into the water column. This turbulence is organized in vortices, that travel downward towards the bed. When these vortices reach the bed, they can entrain sand and hold it in suspension. This contrasts strongly with the situation in deeper water, where the near-bed orbital motion is the main source of sand suspension.


Graduation talk by Florine Gongriep

On the 5th of November Florine Gongriep will present the results of her MSc. thesis. The presentation will be in room 027 and starts at 15:00. For her master thesis she used field observations of dune erosion to validate the XBeach model. Click on this post to read her abstract.


Graduation talk by Dominic Wessels

On the 28th of October Dominic Wessels will present the results of his MSc. thesis. The presentation will be in room 027 and starts at 12:15. For his master thesis he used the SWASH model to investigate the influence of an intertidal mussel bed on the spatial variation in wave characteristics. Click on this post to view the abstract.

Gerben Ruessink appointed as professor

Dr. Gerben Ruessink has been appointed by the Executive Board of Utrecht University as professor in “Wave-driven Coastal Dynamics” in the Department of Physical Geography. He is appointed with retrospective effect at first of July 2013. Gerben will take over the previous position of Leo van Rijn although the description of the chair has changed; it will also be a fulltime appointment (1.0 fte).

MSc. research presentations

On the 11th of July two master students, Winnie and Daan will present the results of their MSc. research project. The presentation session starts at 14.00 in room 027.
The program:
14:00 – 14:45 Winnie de Winter
The effect of breaking-induced turbulence on sediment entrainment in the surfzone

14:45 – 15:30 Daan Wesselman
The role of wave breaking on the development of wave spectra and bispectra in the surf zone.


Morphologic evolution of a mega-nourishment

Worldwide along several sandy beaches coastal erosion is a serious threat when the hinterland is densely populated or cultivated. The hinterland can be protected by taking hard engineering measures (e.g. groins or piers), but also by co-called soft engineering solutions like nourishing the near-shore or the beach with sand. Normally such nourishments protect against coastal retreat for several years, but are no long term solution.